Another Facebook Change!

A while back, Facebook began alerting us to forthcoming changes in email settings. It looks like they’ve started! Here’s the deal:

Many users will find their email address settings have changed to show addresses on their profiles where other email addresses were once visible. Emails sent to a user’s account show up as messages and the address is visible to the public even if they’ve specified otherwise. I just checked out the “Contact Info” box on my profile and sure enough, my previously chosen email has changed. It’s easy to fix:


Go to your Profile page and click on Update Info. Scroll down to the Contact Info box and click on Edit. I wasn’t able to remove the Facebook email address but I was able to hide it from my Timeline and select who was able to see it.

In other social media news…I’ve deleted my Klout account (too much of a time sucker) but I’m now on Instagram! Follow me at @marydesilva.

Thanks for listening 🙂

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